The comparisons between Future and Desiigner are likely to never stop. It’s something that neither artist can avoid, but one is a little more vocal about it (in various ways) than the other. Desiigner has trolled back against trolls many times.

The first time the jokes from Desiigner came was when he announced he’ll be bringing new music to us soon, sarcastically using a Purple Rain mixtape cover and naming it that as well. This was during the time Future had just dropped off his Purple Reign mixtape. “Panda” became a No. 1 and it could not be denied the Future influence was a part of it. In defense of Desiigner, his speaking voice is actually the same as his rapping voice.

During a recent show, Desiigner was back at it again trolling those who say he’s a Future clone. The DJ played the new DJ Khaled featuring JAY Z and Future track, “I Got The Keys” and Desiigner pumped the crowd up, placing his ad-libs in between Future’s parts. Of course, Desiigner is aware of this all, but who knows his true intentions.

In a recent cover interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Future insisted Desiigner not be mentioned in the interview. The ironic part about it all, is that the comparison is what people wanted to know about. However, it wasn’t up for conversation and not part of the interview.