Rumor has it Kris Jenner is planning to marry Corey Gamble on a future episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The couple has been together going on two years strong following Kris’ separation from ex-husband Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner. When Corey’s ex-wife caught wind of the news, she publicly advised Kris otherwise.

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Kris has reportedly told her friends and family at this point she cannot see herself with anyone else. Kris sees Corey as someone very important to her life, claiming he’s been very good to her during her most difficult times (if you watch the show, this is evident). Prior to the duo dating, Kris had to settle with the reality of her divorce from longtime husband Jenner and come to terms with the idea of his transitioning into a woman.

While Kris thinks Corey is the man for her, his ex-wife Sheree Buchanan tells Life & Style Magazine: “My advice to Kris is don’t marry Corey.” Sheree is very steady in her advice, saying Gamble is very controlling and “stalkerish.”


Both Kris and Sheree had common circumstances when they began dating Corey: they were both dealing with divorce. “He looks for these broken women and he’s great at knowing what to say to build your confidence. He didn’t want me hanging around with my friends and wanted all of my time.” This doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, does it? After all, what woman wouldn’t want all of her man’s time?

Sheree continues, “He can fly off the handle over anything if he doesn’t get his way. He showed up at my house. I had changed my locks but somehow he got a key!” Sheree insists on their marriage being a bad idea for Kris, saying Corey is just after the money and the power. “She should be careful and sleep with one eye open,” says Sheree. “Get a prenup first!”