News broke earlier today [Monday, July 4] Kevin Durant will be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and joining Golden State Warriors. He announced his decision via The Player’s Tribune and the backlash has already begun.

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When the news broke, many NBA players had jokes—but the fans did not. The memes have started and instead of lighting fireworks, some fans have been spotted setting fire to KD’s jersey. If you recall in 2010, fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacted the same way when LeBron James left the team and took his talents to South Beach. He returned to his home state and they are now the 2016 NBA Champs.

Oklahoma City has been Durant’s home since he was drafted into the NBA nine years ago. By him leaving, will he go all the way with the Warriors or will it be a better decision to return “home” once this new contract is up? Only time will tell.