Shortly after just releasing the video for “Summer’s Day” B.O.B is back with another visual for his new song “Roll Up,” featuring Marko Penn.

The new video puts a creative twist on the specifics of a smoking session with word art to label exactly what’s going on. The video begins with B.O.B. backstage as he pulls out the essentials to roll up some Backwoods. There are ladies who join him backstage as they cheers with cups full of Hennessy to get them in their zone. The fun continues with bongs, gas masks, vaporizers, and selfies.

After getting super faded it’s eventually time for B.O.B. to hit the stage. There are guest appearances by Scotty ATL as Marley, London Jae and Jake Lambo. The video ends with a funny plot twist. B.O.B. is obviously extremely high, so high that he realizes his performance doesn’t involve any fans because it’s only soundcheck.