On May 19, 2013, Lil B tweeted to the world Kevin Durant will never win a championship. What some take as a joke from the California-raised rapper has seemed to come true in some aspects. Durant is still without a championship and some say it’s Lil B to hold accountable for it; the “Based God curse” proves to hold weight.

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Yesterday [Monday, July 4] Kevin Durant made his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in order to become part of the Golden State Warriors roster. Durant’s heartfelt words to his supporters could not be denied with sympathetic reaction. However, there are still those skeptical of the All-Star’s new journey.

Lil B will no longer hold the Based God curse over Kevin Durant’s championship endeavors. Considering he’s now part of a team that he cheers for, he doesn’t see the need to give KD bad luck anymore. “The BasedGod’ wants to speak ,as life unravels and superstars make decisions that change lifes, welcome home KD the curse is lifted,” Lil B tweeted after finding out about Durant’s decision.


In 2014, Lil B released the Hoop Life mixtape. The tape featured a song titled “F*k Kevin Durant,” which caught the attention of many. Although Lil B’s song can’t be taken away, it’s still progress for both artist and athlete. They’ve have their fair share of back-and-forth comments to each other via the internet, but that all ends today. Welcome to Golden State, KD.