Natalie and Nicole Albino a.k.a. Nina Sky are back with their new topical-infused, R&B record “Champion Lover.”

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“Champion Lover,” which serves as the lead single off their forthcoming album Brightest Gold, is their first major label release since their 2004 debut.

“It was just a playful love song that I wrote about my wife,” Nicole said told the Huffington Post. “It was just me being cute to her.”


“When we got into the studio, we knew we wanted to create something fun,” Natalie said. “Nicole had recorded this chorus and I had written a verse. We brought it into the studio and had the producers re-create the beat. We wanted a tropical vibe.”

In addition to dropping new music gearing up for New York City’s fourth edition of the Afro-Latino Festival, Nina Sky will also be performing at the event taking place July 8-10. In addition to Nina Sky, Princess NokiaSango, MalucaLos RakasTito Puente Jr. and Que Bajo?! are also set to grace the stage at the African roots celebration.

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