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Nowadays, technology wows us by any means. To think we were in awe when we found out about Apple’s iPod or even Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system. These are just a couple of examples of technology that caught our eye, and the Millennial generation is now experiencing technology on a level that can’t be described.

University of Tokyo Professor Takao Someya has been developing various electronics that can be both bendable and stretchable for 10 years now. “The advent of mobile phones has changed the way we communicate. While these communication tools are getting smaller and smaller, they are still discrete devices that we have to carry with us,” Someya said. His ultimate goal is to create electronics that are “as pliable as human skin.” His latest prototype is a thin sheet that can float through the air like feathered dust.

Electronic skin (e-skin) contains motion sensors that react to the muscle of the skin. Someya has been working on this product for a little over a decade now, and has made tremendous progress. His latest prototype is an example of how far he can take it. Utilizing the technology for health matters is in heavy consideration.


The bulk, the cords, the sense, are all changing as the tech world advances their ideas and turns them into actual product. Imagine, we may no longer need to reach in our pockets in order to use our cellular device. The next step will be trying to figure out the nervous system within the e-skin, in order to prevent any health issues.

All of this has led to the Cicret Bracelet. The bracelet sits on the arm like a FitBit and has many features. Pico-projector, Processor, memory card + ROM, Bluetooth, Micro USB port, Wifi component, LED and more. The Circret team is still looking to reach their goal of 500,000 USD by July 15 of this year. In August, they plan on running multiple evaluations before releasing the bracelet in the fall. Currently at 99.8 percent of the goal, they are more than likely to get to it.