Outrage is seething in the streets of Sunset Park, Brooklyn as two teens were viciously beaten outside of a neighborhood mosque on Sunday night [July 3].

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The beating that left both 17-year-olds with bruises to their faces and one of them unconscious in front of the Muslim Community Center Of Brooklyn apparently hasn’t warranted the incident to be recognized as a hate crime by authorities.

A spokesperson for the NYPD tells The Source the boys had initiated the “dispute” by approaching a car and making a comment about the attire of the attacker’s girlfriend, who “was provocatively dressed.”


Mosque leaders give a different account of the incident, saying one of the victims heard the attacker shout “terrorist” during the assault. “Two of our young community members and volunteers just got attacked outside our masjid after prayers. One had a concussion after the attacker repeatedly kicked him in the face. The attacker ran away after some of our members chased him,” said one leader.

One of the victims heard the attacker shout “Terrorist!” while being punched to the ground, which would absolutely indicate a hate crime. The Source is urging our community, activists and leaders to help make sure the NYPD’s 72nd Precinct files the incident as a hate crime to catch the perpetrator/s.

“May Allah protect the innocent. Please pray for these young kids and their families.”

The NYPD is yet to make any arrests in this case however they reportedly believe they’ve identified at least one of the attackers. We’ll have further updates in the case shortly.