A Boston cab driver discovered a bookbag filled with $187,000 in cash left in the backseat of his cab and returned it to authorities.

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Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland, 72, has been driving cabs for 50 years. He found a bookbag left in the backseat of his car after dropping off a fare. During his search for identification, he came across the contents of the book bag: $187,000 in cash. Once discovered, MacCausland immediately brought the bookbag to his headquarters, where the fare came to redeem his belongings. “His actions represent the high standards that our department has for our drivers.” said police commissioner William Evans.

According to People magazine, the passenger told authorities the money came from an inheritance that his parents left when they passed away. He brought the trust agreement as proof that it was indeed his money that he forgot in the cab as he ran errands. The fare, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a recovering drug addict who has been living at a homeless shelter for six months. He claimed to have not known about his inheritance and when he went to cash the check at the bank, they wouldn’t do it so he brought it to check cashing and received the cash that he left in his bookbag.


“This hackney driver exhibited exemplary behavior and his honest deed should be recognized,” said Evans. Ironically, Buzzy only received $100 from the man, which he claims left him a little disappointed. “I thought maybe he would give $500 or $1,000, maybe one of those bundles.” said Buzzy. “That money would have changed my life.”