Tuesday [July 5], following the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling at the hands of two Baton Rouge, Louisiana policemen, the city was flooded with protests peppered throughout its streets.

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People took to the streets after seeing video of the incident that took place early Tuesday morning that would leave Sterling, a 37-year old African-American husband and father, without his life because he was attempting to sell CDs outside of a local convenience store.

“The video footage released today of the shooting of Alton Sterling by officers of the Baton Rouge Police Department was deeply troubling and has understandably evoked strong emotion and anger in our community,” said Congressman Cedric Richmond, who called for an investigation by the Department of Justice. “I share in this anger and join the community in the pursuit of justice.”

Just before 10 p.m. Central Time, demonstrators gathered outside of the convenience store where Sterling was killed, eventually blocking an intersection near it, chanting the now standard “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” affirmation.


They later cleared the intersection, however they gave clear warning of their intent to protest once more beginning at 8 a.m. Central Time this morning [July 6].

“We’ve seen a video that’s disturbing, and gruesome,” said Mike McClanahan, Baton Rouge’s NAACP president. “We know that justice must be served.”