TMZ reported this morning that Russell Wilson and Ciara had plans to get married in England today in a private ceremony that would only be attended by close friends and family. Wilson and Ciara were engaged in March, but neither has announced publicly plans to tie the knot.

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Though the ceremony reportedly disallowed cellular devices so pictures wouldn’t leak out, some obscure shots of the couple–pictures in which Ciara appears to have on a wedding dress–have begun circulating social media.


Though Mr. Trammel’s tweet was a bit premature, it does appear that the couple officially wedded today in Cheshire, England. Clues can be seen on social media, from Ciara’s friend Jennifer Hudson showing off her look and her dates, to Wilson’s excited tweets from Tuesday on the morning of their rehearsal dinner.

E! is also reporting that they’ve learned that the wedding has in fact gone down, so congratulations all around, especially to the newly married couple.