When Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez answered phone calls on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning today [Wednesday, July 6] Rosenberg caught himself going off on a police officer who refused to acknowledge the wrongdoing of the two Baton Rouge police officers who took the life of Alton Sterling.

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Most people can agree that based off the evidence shown in the video, the killing was completely unjustified. Not only was it unjustified, it raises eyebrows about police protocol when arriving at the scene. There isn’t much division in saying that officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II were wrong for taking the life of Alton Sterling. Some may argue there’s obviously more that lead up to the physical altercation between the officers and Sterling, but there is no rational justification for the death of this man.

A police officer named Doug called into the radio show this morning and refused to acknowledge the wrong doing of the two officers. He went left and right, up and down, but would not directly say that the officers were wrong. Rosenberg became fed up and gave the officer a piece of his mind about the situation. “Can you say the words, it looks bad?” Rosenberg says to Doug. “You can’t ever say that. This is the problem I have with cops. I have to say this. This is the problem I have with police officers, no disrespect to you; Ya’ll dont ever want to point at someone else and say you can’t do your job well…. Police officers never want to say when ya’ll do a bad job so that’s the reason the public thinks all of you are bad because you won’t ever call someone out and say they murdered someone in cold blood it happened again and until you guys start taking responsibility for your own, people in the street are going to be upset instead.”


To further prove Rosenberg’s point, Officer Doug responds and says, “Um, I can’t agree with you.”

As Rosenberg’s face turns red, he and Laura Stylez continue to prove points back to back during the conversation until the officer was no longer on the phone. They bring up similar situations where there are good cops and bad cops that are placed in situations where the opportunity is there to do the right thing, but “renegade Rambo” decides to take a life instead while the good cops are around to watch because no one wants to point the finger.

Rosenberg and Stylez do a great job holding down the air waves while Ebro is away on vacation. Check out the full interview below. Do you agree with their view on the matter?