Rumors have been increasingly buzzing lately of the Kardashian-West union being on the rocks.

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Kanye and Kim reportedly signed an interesting “mid nuptual agreement” recently that would save themselves and their children in case their marriage were to go sour. Allegedly their matches have started to burn as Kanye has reportedly been “fat shaming” Kim (sounds a little extreme) and Kim is becoming fed up with his “childish behavior.”

Radar Online reports although Kim is fed up with Kanye, she refuses to walk out on her marriage. As if the pressures from being one of the most famous people in the world isn’t enough, Kim is feeling pressure from her hubby to shed a few more pounds. Since bearing their son Saint West just six months ago, Kim has lost several pounds and has documented the journey. Hollywood Reports says Kanye isn’t too happy with the results and doesn’t think she’s doing it quickly enough.


Contact Music reports, “She and Kanye have been fighting non-stop. Kanye keeps pressuring Kim to lose weight and he has been telling her that she really needs to get back to her ‘old self’.” Kanye continues to compare her pre pregnancy size to her size now, telling her how hot her body used to look. Kim has been taking heed to her husband’s likes and has kicked up her workout regime and limited her carb intake to 20 grams per day. We have seen Kim work out on Snapchat much more in the past couple weeks, so there just might be truth to the rumors.

To add fuel to the fire, Kim is allegedly fed up with Kanye’s childish behavior. Radar Online reports Kim feels like Kanye acts like a child and is always having a temper tantrum. Through it all, Kim is not ready to give up on her marriage. Sources from Radar say, “She doesn’t want to put the kids in that position.” Not only is she concerned about her children, her whole reputation is at stake. Kim is finally world famous, and doesn’t want to risk throwing it away,” the source says. “She has too much to lose now.”