The “Twittersphere” has long proven itself to be the ultimate melting pot of ideas. It has the power to leave us laughing, crying, enraged, inspired, and all too often, disappointed in the span of one five-minute scroll through our timelines.

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Within the stretch of the past three days, it has once more ignited the issues surrounding racial tension, police brutality and everything in between, bringing the subjects to their boiling point, and we hope this time that it’s for good.

While opinions over the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and most recently, fallen officers of the Dallas Police Department and Rapid Transit Authority have swarmed, fueling intense debate and even deeper thought, an overwhelming host of laudable remarks totaling 140 characters or less have particularly radiated throughout the social media platform, evoking a priceless excess of unabbreviated discussion surrounding race in America.


Check out these 15 tweets (in the midst of many) that have served to spark a much-appreciated dialogue this week.