In a recent interview with Angela Yee and DJ Envy at 94.5’s Summer Jam in Boston, 50 Cent excitedly discussed a new project he’s working on outside of Power. In between keeping it a secret and giving fans a sneak peek, 50 did let us know it’s a scripted series and he wrote the entire script himself.

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Fast forward to yesterday [Thursday, July 7] and 50 has finally spilled the beans. He took to his Instagram account and posted a picture that displayed the B.M.F. (“Black Mafia Family”).

The Black Mafia Family story is one we have all unconsciously become hip to whether we knew it or not. Have you ever wondered who is the Big Meech that Rick Ross speaks of?


Demetrius, a.k.a Big Meech, and Terry Flenory are responsible for a drug trafficking organization that spread from Detroit to Atlanta to Los Angeles with business also traveling through various other states across the country. The two attempted to legitimize the money they made from drug trafficking by launching BMF Entertainment, who once even represented acts like Young Jeezy. After a two year investigation the brothers were found guilty for running a continuing criminal enterprise and sentenced to 30 years in prison shortly after.

50 stated, “I brought in a team of writers to develop the world following the script.” The show will therefore be “fiction” as it will portray the extended version of the overall script 50 Cent wrote. It’s still uncertain what network will be airing the new series, but we will update as the information becomes available. We can’t wait to see what narrative 50 Cent achieves with this very interesting story.