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Chris Brown has delivered two new songs right on time: “A Lot of Love” and “My Friend.”

Brown recently took to his Instagram to express how fed up he was about the violence going on against his own race and how we have to come together and take a stand. After posting the short clip on social media he also announced the release of “My Friend,” in which he stated he was releasing for free and “for anybody dealing with injustice or struggle in their lives.”

IM TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE TIREDDDDD!!!!!

A video posted by 1 (@chrisbrownofficial) on Jul 7, 2016 at 4:57am PDT

A few hours later Brown released “A Lot of Love” via Soundcloud without any social media promotion. “A Lot of Love” is positive reinforcement during a time that love seems non-existent. Brown sings powerful lines like:



“Feels like the world is on your shoulders. Don’t let them get you down. Throughout all the prejudice and violence, your heart still can smile. You gotta go, “Oooooh child, things are going to get easier!”, and all the pain will go away starting today.

We need celebrities voices heard in whatever creative fashion they choose to have them heard. We appreciate Brown for taking out the time to use his platform to spread more love.

Listen to the new songs below.