NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci’s collaborative “Trianing Redefined” collection has finally hit the stores today [Friday, July 8]. The limited-edition collection is inspired by athletes training for this summer’s Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro. The first part of the collection features monochrome graphic designs. The second part of the collection includes floral and kaleidoscope prints and that is set to drop next month.

The first drop also includes two sneakers, the Free Train Force Flyknit in all-black for men and the Free Transform Flyknit in all-white for women. On the Free Train Force Flyknit, the Nike Free outsole expands and contracts with the foot on landing and combines with Nike’s Flyknit technology for a second-skin fit. The Free Transform Flyknit has a sock-like upper and Flywire cables that sticks to the foot. Just like the men’s sneaker it also expands and contract on foot strike.

“This collection represents an entirely new way of thinking for Riccardo,” explains NikeLab’s Senior Design Director Jarrett Reynolds. “It is engineered for performance, which is unfamiliar territory for him. But that’s the beauty of collaboration—we can help bring Riccardo into the world of sport performance, which is our expertise. On the other hand, Riccardo’s vision pushed our design to a place we wouldn’t have arrived at on our own.”

Take a look at the entire collection below and stay tuned for the second half of the collection to hit shelves very soon.


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