Social media has likely been abuzz at record levels with responses, dialogue and outrage about what’s been a devastating 72 hours on U.S. soil. On back-to-back evenings, the lives of two Black men were claimed by way of a police officer using unnecessary lethal–and ultimately fatal–force, and late last night, during protests in Dallas, over 11 cops were shot, and 5 have died.

Unfortunately, some people, like former Congressman Joe Walsh, have used social media to spew insensitive and inaccurate narratives, and go so far as in to publicly threaten President Barack Obama. Walsh first claims Obama is the person that created an environment that allows for several cops to be killed, then goes directly at the POTUS, declaring that “Real America is coming after you.”

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He elaborated in a set of tweets that have not yet been deleted.

Soon thereafter, people began calling for Walsh to quiet down his rhetoric, including John Legend, who was pretty direct about the quieting down part.

Walsh was a known denouncer of the Obama administration, and once called for the President to protect the nation’s borders with “moats and alligators” if necessary. These words likely hold even less weight.