Social media was the wrong invention to gift Gilbert Arenas with.

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The former NBA star and 3-time All-Star has been in hot water before, like the times he made fun of Flint’s drinking water crisis or demanded that WNBA players take the court wearing only bikinis, and he’ll probably keep that streak alive with these latest developments.

It’s the offseason, so Lakers guard Nick Young is at home with his son, lamenting over what’s been a rough year–got his infidelity outed by his rookie teammate, got benched for the final portion of the season, got dumped by Iggy Azalea, might get dumped by the Lakers too–so far. Unfortunately, his buddy Gilbert Arenas won’t allow him to do that in peace. Arenas literally took Snapchat videos of himself hopping over Young’s fence–Nick apparently wouldn’t give Arenas the gate code–barging into his living room, and demanding answers as to why he cheated on Iggy Azalea.


If that isn’t bizarre enough, Arenas proceeds to be the worst type of company. He terrorizes Nick Young’s son by screaming profane things at him and throwing his toys, then laughs when the poor kid is struck by a basketball in the backyard. Moments later, Arenas–who is still chronicling his adventure via Snapchat–flings Young’s son’s scooter across a huge patch of grass.

To top it all off, Arenas paints over a drawing of Iggy Azalea’s first name on the wall, shortening “Iggy” to “IG,” to make his friend’s new relationship status as obvious as possible.

It really is a rough time to be Nick Young right now.