Yesterday [Thursday, July 7] Just Blaze was pulled over by the police because they suspected his Lamborghini was not legally registered. Wisely, Blaze took out his phone and began a live Periscope video just in case anything happened during the stop.

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Just Blaze also tweeted about the stop, and provided the links to the videos in his tweets. In the first video his made, he says that the first question the police officer asked him was “Is your car legit?” Blaze also made a video when he got home and explained the incident further.


According to Just Blaze, he asked the officer if he could treat him more like a human being, instead of jumping to the conclusion that he was breaking the law. After the tragic events of this week, with the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Just Blaze was obviously wary of being pulled over by the police and made sure to document the encounter.

He went on to say, in a follow up tweet, that after a call to the police department, they apologized and apparently offered to buy him dinner.

With all of the terrible events this week, thankfully this incident ended peacefully.