Earlier this week, Snapchat announced it would be adding a new feature to their widely popular app. Snapchat, known for its temporary photos, has added a new feature called Memories, that would allow users to save their pictures to a private archive within the app.

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This new feature is available now when you update the application, and the Memories archive can be found on the camera page, just under the photo capture button. Users can save photos and videos, and they also will have access to their camera roll in order to import photos into Snapchat.


This change comes after growing trends amont smart-phone users to use Snapchat as their main photo-taking app instead of the regular camera app that comes with their phone. Snapchat’s reputation has been built on the fact that their photos only last for a maximum of 10 seconds and then are deleted.

Snapchat has had several successful updates, with the introduction of Stories and the Discover tab, and Memories is the next step in the expansion of Snapchat.