Pokémon have literally taken over the world. No, it’s not the 90’s again, Gameboys didn’t make a resurgence, unfortunately. However Pokémon Go, a reality mobile game, is the latest in the celebrated lineage of the anime-turned-video-game’s collection.

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Essentially the game uses your real life positioning via GPS and your phone’s camera to make where ever you are inhibited with Pokémon to catch; and the world is going nuts about it.

One Redditor and “Poké Master”, Jonathan Theriot may have set the bar for  Pokémon Go‘ing at an inappropriate time. Playing the game while his wife was in labor, a “Pidgey” appeared on the her hospital bed and naturally he screenshot it — because 2016.


Pidgey Guy

The photo went viral almost immediately on Imgur receiving hilarious comments like “If she’s your wife she should understand how important that pidgey” and even suggesting he names his daughter “Pidgey” — which isn’t half a bad idea.

Jonathan and Jessica Theriot instead went with name “Ireland Sage”, who was born in good health Thursday morning. Reports say they’re storing Ireland in a Poké Ball for the first few weeks. Not really.

pidgey guy2