Last night [July 8] MTV News and BET News took the opportunity to meld voices together in an attempt to make sense of the tragic week of events that we, as a nation, have recently faced.

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Hosted and moderated by the likes of Charlamagne Tha God, Jamil Smith, Marc Lamont Hill and Franchesca Ramsey, the “What Now?” program was simulcast across 10 Viacom networks in total in addition to airing live on YouTube and Facebook as a refreshing host of rhetoric on topics including police violence against people of color and white privilege were brought to light.

Commentary from both public figures as well as audience members of all races provided a well-balanced mixture of both support and calls for action among communities and law enforcement.


While many opinions were verbalized, a few managed to stick to our minds, providing the narration to the social issues we currently face and the change to come.

  1. “We have to talk about the ways Police DON’T Police each other.” – Marc Lamont Hill
  2. “We need to eliminate that blue wall of silence.” – Charlamagne tha God
  3. “So he had a criminal record. Martha Stewart has a criminal record. I don’t remember her being executed.” – Larry Wilmore
  4. “As we mourn those individuals, we have to honor them by working on these issues.” – Loretta Lynch
  5. “These conversations are really uncomfortable, but that’s not an excuse. It’s never been an excuse” – Sam White
  6. “If I’m doing everything right and still get shot, then what the hell am I supposed to do?” – Charlamagne tha God
  7. “I feel as if black people are just beyond exhausted trying to have this conversation with us… Don’t we know our own history?” – Jose Antonio Vargas
  8. “Make them give you something for your vote.” – Killer Mike
  9. “Black Lives Matter…these are not terrorist organizations. These are organizations that find peaceful solutions. We have to support them.” – Talib Kweli
  10. “It’s tough when you’ve been going through somitting for many years and nobody speaks up.” –Wilson Chandler
  11. “Black rage is righteous. Black rage is necessary.” – Dante Barry
  12. “I don’t believe that we can trust local prosecutors to hold police officers accountable. We need to be the face for that.” – Franchesca Ramsey