Kris Dunn’s First Order of Business as a Pro? Break Some Ankles

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Though Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram and Buddy Hield were the biggest names tossed around this year’s NBA Draft, Kris Dunn may very well be one of the most surefire talents taken during the draft’s lottery segment. With the 5th pick in this year’s draft, the fascinatingly young and athletic Minnesota Timberwolves strengthened their backcourt with the addition of Univ. of Providence point guard Kris Dunn, a dizzying threat with both the shot and the pass that will complement Ricky Rubio and Zach Lavine well in Minnesota.

What wasn’t obvious on draft night, however, was how sick Dunn’s handles are. The league got a taste of that today during the ‘Wolves’ Summer League match-up with the Denver Nuggets, where Dunn hit JaKarr Simpson with a vicious double-crossover move that made Simpson stagger back as if he’d just been hit with a damaging right hook in a boxing match.


Even if the whole Jimmy Butler thing didn’t work out, you’ve really got to be excited for the future if you’re a Minnesota fan.