Donald Glover has been hard at work on his new show, Atlanta. It’ll be quite interesting to see how the 10-episode season turns out, which begins September 6. The trailer for season one doesn’t leave too much information about what we’ll visually experience, but we’re offered a promotional video that sort of gives of insight on what to expect.

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Glover’s character [Earn Marks] finds himself waking up in random places. Taking it a step further, it can all be drawn back to his track “Life: The Biggest Troll.” In one line he says, “Waking up in these places I don’t remember texts from people I never met, doors left open.” Glover appears to be in familiar territory, but it leaves us to wonder what’s going on.

The show is centered around two cousins [played by Glover and Brian Tyree Henry]. Glover is manager to his cousin, who is looking to develop his rap career within Atlanta. In between this, the two are trying to understand the ins and outs of life and the life on the streets.


Glover is sure to have a heavy beginning to his fall, with his new show coming and performing his new album Pharos live at Joshua Tree. This isn’t out of the ordinary for Glover, as he’s a man of many talents. We’ll see what’s up his sleeve very soon.