On Friday, June 8 an undisclosed person reportedly with the Zika virus died in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although the exact cause is still being investigated, the individual had concurrent symptoms of the virus including fever, rash and conjunctivitis. According to USA Today, spokesman Benjamin Haynes of the Center for Disease Control states, “…it’s unclear if or how the virus contributed to the death.” Very little information is being disclosed about the case due to health privacy laws, including where the individual traveled to.

The Zika virus is becoming a growing issue throughout the country. Some people are afraid to travel into Zika territory, with fears of catching the virus, while many are not allowing the virus to stop their traveling plans. As time progresses more and more Zika related illnesses are being reported, with over 1,000 Zika cases already reported in the United States. Majority of these individuals traveled to countries where the Zika virus is currently prominent. The number of people contracting the virus through intercourse is increasing as well, with approximately 14 reports.

The Center for Disease Control is adamant about keeping people knowledgeable about the risk and the prevention surrounding the virus. Approximately five pregnant women with the virus have had an abortion, stillbirth or a miscarriage, and it can only be assumed those numbers will increase. The CDC site has a list of information to keep people informed of the symptoms, virus details, diagnosis, areas with the virus and protocols for pregnant women, which includes a Zika Pregnancy Registry. If you are planning on traveling or would like additional information regarding the virus, view the information available on the CDC site.


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