During his tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has failed to capture the magic that Steve Jobs had as its fearless, outward-thinking leader. To his credit, there’s likely nothing he could have done to capture it, Jobs was just too essential, and too much of a pioneer to be pushed into the background by a successor. However, if Cook is truly trying to keep up with Jobs’ legacy, he’s having a hard time showing it.

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In recent years, the iPhone and its many variations and developments have come under significant scrutiny. For the first time since 2003, the company reported a quarterly sales drop this April, and consumer satisfaction has also taken a hit. For the first time in a long time, Apple is not looking as if it has an immovable stronghold on the mobile telephone industry, and other brands, like Samsung and Microsoft, have taken notice.

Today, Apple announced another interesting development on the forthcoming iPhone 7: a protruding camera lens. Photos leaked to the internet, allegedly of the anticipated device, complete with said camera lens, which is a much larger “bump” than seen on any iPhone in the past.


Part of what makes people so attracted to the iPhone is the fact that it’s sleek design makes it look like more of a cutting edge piece of machinery than most other brands out there This lens might not necessarily add to that beloved sleekness that fans crave. Photos also leaked of the design of the phone’s encasing, suggesting that the traditional headphone jack has been abandoned as previously reported, replaced by another set of speakers.