A 20 year old St. Louis man was shot and killed Saturday evening in the home of a relative of a St. Louis cop that the alleged Black Lives Matter supporter had threatened via Facebook over the recent police shootings that has heightened racial tensions acros the country.

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According to St. Louis police, Tyler Gebhard made a series of threats to officers as well as their families on the very same social media outlet that spawned the video of the police killing of Philando Castile in Minnesota last week.

It was reported that the officer and Gebhard were friends on Facebook, but clashed online over the recent police related killings and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Police say that Gebhard went to the officers’ family member’s home, went to the backyard, picked up a large, concrete planter and threw it through a rear door, shattering it. He went inside, where the officer’s wife, mother-in-law and two children had barricaded themselves in a room.

The officer was also hiding in the home, then shot and killed Gebhard.

The police related killing comes right on the heels of two highly publicized and racially charged shootings that occurred, which has rocked the country with racial unrest and protests.