Desiigner‘s debut project New English almost took a backseat to his XXL Freshman freestyle. The freestyle had the internet talking for days, but Desiigner had much more planned than just what appeared to sound like a melodic hook and comedic snapping.

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Producer Mike Dean shared a preview of the song we know now as “Timmy Turner” via Periscope. Dean gives the production some dark synths and almost unorthodox feels. The final product of the track is sure to be some fire that people are looking forward to.

The artwork shows Desiigner as the Nickelodeon cartoon character Timmy Turner. The origin of the character is from the show The Fairly Odd Parents. The hype around this song is amazing, breaking off the hype of “Panda.” There’s no set date for release, but we’re sure it’s coming soon.


On June 26, Desiigner released his debut project, New English. It was said to be the project that would determine whether Desiigner was here to stay or not. The project received mixed reviews and some couldn’t deny the similarities of Future in the music. Nonetheless, the G.O.O.D Music signee appears to be here to stay.

The artwork is by Bronx, NY graphic designer, Kid Nerd.