Juicy J collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and TM88 for the album Rude Awakening just a few weeks ago. Now Juicy is back with a brand new mixtape, titled Lit In Ceylon. Equipped with 16 tracks, he’s bringing the energy that we always expect.

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Formerly know as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is just south of India in the Indian Ocean. Juicy J being the turn up artist that he is, provides his take on what’s going on in the world through his raps. This is mostly shown on the Tarentino-produced track, titled “Where The Justice At.”

Production is handled by Juicy J himself, TM88, Southside, Crazy Mike, Zaytoven, and previously mentioned Tarentino. The production team behind this releases are producers that Juicy is used to working with. For the most part, Juicy is in a comfort zone, utilizing beats that highly cater to his cadence.


“I stay in my lane, smoke weed, and don’t stress about s**t,” Juicy J tweeted. That tweet carries over into the music, as Juicy says “I pop a xan and don’t worry about s**t” on the track “Control.” Have a listen to the tape here.