Damoli, Melanee and Kourtney are the freshest faces to hit the R&B female music scene. You may remember them from their appearance on FOX’s hit series Empire as the ‘FOX Empire New Artists’. While the appearance was the first look many have gotten of the group, it definitely won’t be the last.

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The trio has been 12 years in the making, and now they’re one of the many acts emerging from the musical renaissance happening in Detroit. With Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops (and the grandfather of member Kourtney) being a major inspiration on the girls, their sound can best be described as one that is a modern take on new jack swing.

HERSource took some to time to get a first look at these women on the rise.


How did you all come to form a group?

We started off as a group above 12 years ago. We were in a play together for a non-profit organization. We sang together and the reaction was amazing and we couldn’t deny the chemistry. We’ve just been working super hard these past few years to work with a production company to work on branding, completing our look, and creating a definite look, as well as music. It’s been a matter of linking up with the right people at the right time.

How would you describe your sound?

Our harmonies are similar to En Vogue. We are inspired by artists who are raw with a timeless sound. We want to be relatable to men and women so we try and create music that both can vibe with.

What inspired your fashion?

We have a stylist who helps us put together looks. Our style is fresh mixed with edgy and sexy. It’s also that we don’t all have the same personality, so you can definitely see who we are as people.

How do you feel about the rise of artists from Detroit?

There’s a lot of talent from here.Back in the day, Detroit was a poppin place for talent with Motown and all of that. It’s cool that people are looking back at us and seeing that there’s talent still here- it never went away. We’re glad the spotlight is back on us [as a city].

What is something fresh you think you all bring to the table?

Our harmonies are our niche. We’ve been together 12 years and we bring a message that women are able to work together without the cattiness and pettiness. The things that often break up girl groups don’t apply to us. Our bond is a representation of women in a positive light that’s not seen these days.

What’s next for you all?

We’re doing more interviews, appearances, opening up for other artists these days. We appeared in the past season of Empire. We’re still pushing our EP although we’re going to work on album soon. We co-write with a team and we’re in the creative process right now. We have a team of producers that work with us to help establish out sound. We’re open to whomever wants to help. We’ve been around for a while, polishing our act and look and now it’s time to really break through.

You can follow them on social at @DMKOfficial and also peep their Soundcloud channel below.