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Since its release last week, Pokémon Go has been the talk of the social media and gamers as users chase hidden Pokémon figures using their location. But the app, which isn’t accepting any new users due to the overwhelming popularity, may be hiding a major security issue that users may not be aware of.

Users who log into the app using their Google Account unknowingly grant the app access to their accounts, including permission to both read and send emails, according to CNN Money. The full access also gives the application to trace location history using Google Maps, but would be unable to make purchases and change passwords.

This is the second security risk the app has battled in the first six days of inception. According to Fortune, hackers have reportedly attempted to spread malware through a compromised version of the game.


Niantic Labs, the app’s developer, released a statement on Tuesday (July 12), stating that they are working with Google to restrict permission.