Last night on VH1’s Hip Hop Honors show, Lil Kim was honored with tribute and collaborative performances from Teyana Taylor, Puff Daddy, Rich Homie Quan and more.

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Rich Homie Quan’s performance is being especially talked about today–so much so he’s a Trending Topic–but it unfortunately has nothing to do with how well he rapped Junior Mafia‘s “Get Money.” In fact, quite the contrary.

During Kim’s high-energy performance of the classic “Get Money,” Quan was brought on stage after being introduced by the Brooklyn rapper as “my friend Rich Homie Quan,” and immediately appeared to hit the ground running. Quan matched Kim’s energy, and even had on the colorful Coogi sweater Biggie was known for rocking. Unfortunately, just seconds later, Quan had forgotten the lyrics to Biggie’s “Get Money” verse–arguably a top 5 Biggie verse popularity-wise, completely killing the performance and drawing the ire of just about every Biggie fan/rap purist/person over the age of 25 on social media. (#RichHomieKaraoke was the hashtag being powered by Quan’s unfortunate experience. Fans would take extremely popular rap verses and replace prominent lyrics with fictional ones.)


Today, Rich Homie responded to the fallout with a lengthy statement, iterating that he had no intention of disrespecting Biggie Smalls, and that he apologizes to the entire Hip Hop community for his blunder.

Hey, what he’s got to deal with now is unfortunate, but he’s clearly taking it in stride and with class. Kudos.