Ever since Hip Hop legend N.O.R.E. and his partner DJ EFN decided to start their Drink Champs podcast, they’ve been on an extremely fast rise to the top of the podcast food chain. The popularity of the podcast grows significantly with each episode and for good reason: week in and week out, they continue to release quality unfiltered conversations with some of Hip Hop’s most notable figures.

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Their latest episode was no different. Legendary Hip Hop artist Raekwon sat down with the Drink Champs and chopped it up about everything ranging from his upbringing, growing up in Staten Island, early Wu stories, what the future holds for the Wu Tang Clan and much more.

The drinking on the podcast seems to help the guests let their guard down a bit and the conversation flows very organically. In addition to that, the personalities of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN along with the connections they’ve made in the industry over the years have made for some really informative interviews. It’s raw and uncut conversations giving us a lot of previously unknown Hip Hop history mixed with humor and just all around entertainment.


It’s exciting to think about what the future holds for this podcast. Their fanbase is growing more and more every day and rightfully so. If there’s anybody holding back on listening because they simply aren’t familiar with N.O.R.E’s music, you won’t regret pressing play. He’s more than N.O.R.E. the artist when he’s hosting this—his personality meshes extremely well with the guests, as most of them are people he has established personal friendships/relationships with in the past. The sky is the limit for this podcast and anybody that’s a Hip Hop fan should enjoy it thoroughly. The behind the scenes stories and jewels dropped on here are priceless and make for great radio. Definitely worth checking out!