Zendaya covers Essence Magazine’s August issue which just so happens to be the magazine’s second annual global issue shot in Rio de Janeiro. The 19-year-old actress, singer and style icon continues to blaze her own trail on her journey to stardom, and she does so in an unapologetic manner.

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If you hadn’t already observed how fearlessly daring and beautiful this young mega star was, an uproar about her style of hair for the 2015 Oscars probably got your attention. Guiliana Rancic expressed how she felt Zendaya’s locs looked like they smelled like patchouli or weed.

Zendaya responded to such a comment with the utmost intelligence and class, and such a response added so much more esteem and respect to the affiliation of her name. In the August issue Zendaya explained how her response was second nature and how her parents have always taught her to stand up for herself. This was nothing that came with fame. It was already instilled in her since a young child.


In regards to her influence on the masses, Zendaya stated:

“You’ve got to realize those Twitter followers, those kids who watch you, that’s technically power. So, to me, I have a responsibility or a duty to the people who watch me to promote positive things, or to show them positive things, or to enlighten them…”

Go pick up Essence’s new August issue and grow to love Zendaya even more than before.