Gucci Mane’s Everybody Looking will arrive next Friday [July 22]. It’s an exciting release, as it’s the first album since the East Atlanta rapper has been released from prison. Edging ourselves closer and closer to the release date, we get more music to bump from the 1017 artist.

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“Multi Millionaire Laflare” is a 808 Mafia/Southside-produced track that Gucci actually previewed yesterday [July 12]. Gucci’s credence on the record is undeniable. It’s the same type of “flare” we’ve received on tracks like “Lemonade” and “So Icy.” Vintage Gucci songs, but it draws back memories to the confidence.

“Ain’t no rapper as hot as me, f**k your plug come shop with me,” is a line you may remember from a Future-Collab track from “Free Bricks.” It’s a song that was done in 2013, but Gucci found it suitable to revisit the line.


Gucci joined Migos on their latest track “Now.” We can find Gucci showing up on numerous tracks, spreading his touch around the music industry. Gucci and Bangladesh were recently seen on Snapchat getting some work done. No word on if it’s for the new album or not, but they are keeping their work ethic up.