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Remember when we told you Kim Kardashian has been on a diet craze to lose weight? According to Radar Online, Kim just kicked thinga up a notch, following an even more strict diet in order to shed her pregnancy weight.

It’s reported Kanye West continuously tells Kim how hot her body was before she bore both of his children. Apparently that must’ve hit home for Kim, as she’s been trying desperately to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

An inside source tells Radar Online, “It’s crazy. She has a whole iPad dedicated to her body, with all the fitness apps, heart rate monitors, step counts, BMI calculators, metabolism timers and several dedicated online trainers to help her get the perfect body.”


Kim has been sharing her weight loss journey with her Snapchat followers. She takes pictures of her meals and weigh-ins. She even posts about it on her Instagram. “It’s pretty extreme,” the source says, “but she’s become so boring to hang out with.”