The Guardian is reporting that at 73 people are dead after a truck plowed through a crowd of people in Nice, France. According to a report from The Washington Times, the driver, who was reported killed in subsequent gunfire, executed a lengthy and fatal drive up a sidewalk in Nice. It wasn’t just a swerve off a road or a crash into a building.

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There have also been reports of attacks by second and third culprits on foot and armed with firearms at various Nice tourist destinations. The state of France has activated its inter-ministerial crisis centre following the attacks, and officials are referring to the nightmare as a terrorist attack.

An Iranian journalist told The Guardian that there were “bodies” everywhere; she was visiting Nice on holiday when the attack happened.


I was walking for nearly a mile and that there were dead bodies over the place. I think over 30 dead bodies are on the ground and lots of people are injured.

We’ll have more updates as they’re made available.