Once again the people has spoken! This time, Christina Milian is catching the backfire.

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On July 13,2016 Milian tweets :

#AllLivesMatter Let’s become better together. “mili tweet


The initial reaction from fans was not what she expected. Wednesday evening Singer/Actress Christina Milian spewed a series of tweets that gained many “side-eyes” from followers. Professor Carla Shedd of Columbia University states that the usage of the hashtag “All Lives Matter” erases the vulnerability and the dehumanization of black people. It appears that Milian’s comments were meant to be heartfelt and encouraging, however many people see it as counterproductive to the issue of police brutal force against blacks. With references to injustice and cell phone videos Milian’s tweets exasperated the idea of “freeing your mind and taking lead” something that was viewed as contradictory. For this tweet was then followed by the hashtag “Black Lives Matter”.