50 Cent has been on a serious promotional run for his hit series Power that will be premiering its long awaited Season 3 this Sunday, July 17. On Wednesday night [July 13], 50 stopped by Conan to clarify a few things, express his thoughts on some others, as well as deliver a little comedy in the mix.

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As far as his previous bankruptcy status and the pictures he took with massive amounts of cash, 50 stated: “My audience should understand the difference between Chapter 11 and Chapter 7. When you file Chapter 11, you’re just really reorganizing. I got four companies that have over 3 or 4 million dollars in each one of them. I can pull the money out and take those pictures.”

In regards to 50’s arrest in St. Kitts, he stated: “Their laws are just completely different. They can publicly play the dirty version of your material/music but you can’t perform it because at that point you are crossing the boundaries of public profanity.”


It’s good to see 50 in good spirits. Be sure to watch the Season 3 of Power this Sunday at 9pm.