ESPN‘s website FiveThirtyEight is known for its statistical analysis of just about everything, from sports to politics. But, yesterday [Thursday, July 14] they posted a statistical analysis of rap lyrics analyzing the growing negative feelings towards Donald Trump in Hip Hop.

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For the longest time, Trump has been a great reference in Hip Hop. What better way to say you get paid than to mention you’ve got bank accounts like Mr. Trump? How else would you boast that you’re living the high life than by saying you’ve made it to the Trump Towers?

Donald Trump’s wealth reached a mythical status in Hip Hop, but now there are more and more lyrics criticizing Trump due to his entrance into the political realm. The author of the piece, Allison McCann, asked Genius to send her every single lyric containing a reference to Trump’s name, and there were hundreds.


McCann went through every lyric and determined whether the reference was positive, neutral or negative, and when she plotted her results out on a graph, it showed that positive references to Trump have dropped off over the past two years, and negative references are growing. Also, Trump references are now more about his politics rather than his wealth.

You can read the full article here.