A couple weeks ago, the ever-playful ex-Wizard Gilbert Arenas decided that, while the wound was still fresh, he was going to quite literally break into his former teammate Nick Young’s house and demand to know why he cheated on Iggy Azalea. During his unwelcome stay, Arenas also tortured Young’s son by flinging his scooter across a grassy meadow, and his household by painting over Iggy’s name on a wall so that only the IG would show (for Instagram).

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Young, who’s a bit of a jokester himself, decided that he had the perfect revenge for his buddy Gilbert. Laura Govan, Arenas’ ex-fiance, is not on good terms with Arenas. In fact, it’s gotten pretty ugly in recent months. So, Nick Young posted for a cozy picture with Govan, and put it on Instagram.

@no.chill.gil we even lol

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The caption? “We even lol.” Friends forever, right?