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In the last month or so, Pokémon Go has become the hottest phone game in the world. The app has already surpassed the popularity of the mega-popular Tinder app, and has dominated so much even Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have taken notice.

However, some rather peculiar and disturbing stories have surfaced regarding Pokémon Go and its very real-world application–players literally have to go outside and virtually catch Pokémon as if it were a scavenger hunt–and the latest of those stories has come out of New Hampshire. According to the Nashua Patch, an aspiring Pokémaster was playing his game when he stumbled upon a dead body floating in Salmon Brook, which is in Nashua’s Rotary Park.

Police Lt. Robert Giggi had a pretty general idea of how the body was discovered when he talked to reporters.


Apparently the person…was playing this Pokémon game, which led him to an obscure spot. That’s how he came across the victim.

The victim’s cause of death has yet to be revealed, but the body was pulled from the water and identified as an adult male. An autopsy is scheduled to happen today.