Jewish rapper extraordinaire Kosha Dillz has released his third album, What I Do all Day and Pickle. The 11-track album features multi-lingual rhymes in Hebrew and Spanish, and covers a slew of topics ranging from varsity sports resentment, addiction and success to failed relationships, one night stands and the desire of serenity in night life.

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Any fan of Warhol should gravitate towards the cover art and title as it’s a spoof of the famous Warhol cover for the 1967  Velvet Underground and Nico album. The pickle replaces the banana, but in today’s society, both objects can be values at different levels of greatness and ambiguous meaning.



Guest vocalists include Matisyahu on “Dodging Bullets” and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep on the title track. The album boasts female vocalists, as well. R&B vs. EDM hooks come from Ida Hawk [Griz] and Mickey Shiloh [Britney Spears, Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa] while Spanish rhymes are courtesy of Mexican indie starlet Nina Dioz.

Production from Kosha’s last two albums, Awkward In A Good Way and Beverly Dillz, was handled by Grammy Nominated producer Jesse Shatkin, who goes by Belief, and has worked with artists like Sia and One Direction. This album, however, only features Shatkin once, and it’s the first time Dillz collaborates with new blood, enlisting 19-year-old newcomer YUC Beats, as well as Curtiss King [E-40, Murs, Kendrick Lamar] for the majority of the soundscape. Ski Beatz [Jay Z, Camp Lo] and Nate Greenberg provide the beat for Kosha’s international videos filmed in Paris and Krakow, Poland.

For What I do All Day and Pickle, the goofy title accompanies a serious musical vibe and further sends us into the mind of the one and only, Kosha Dillz. Purchase here.