This week, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced his pick for Vice President in the race towards the White House, and yesterday [July 16] Trump and his new running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence officially made an appearance as a political pair ready to take on their Democratic counterparts despite the nearly 20-minute long speech that seemed to serve more as a review Trump’s road to victory than an introduction  his new partner.

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“Back to Mike Pence,” declared the real estate mogul turned politician, and out came a snowy-haired Pence.

Truthfully speaking, it wasn’t anything too spectacular: traditional political decorum, not-so memorable speech, and of course, some good old-fashioned Democrat trash talk.


Governor Mike Pence is a pretty well-known guy with social conservative ties and an evangelical agenda, traits most notably mirrored in former candidate Ted Cruz, a bit of a contrast to Mr. Trump.

Serving for over a decade in the House of Representatives, Pence his currently serving his first term as Governor, a bid he won back in 2012.

It was Pence who brought national attention to the issues of LGBT rights in relation to religious freedom, when he signed into law legislation (that he would later amend) that gave Indiana business owners the legal protection to refuse their goods and services to same-sex couples, citing their religion as the cause.

This spring, Pence also signed into law strict legislation on abortion, making Indiana only the second state to make it illegal to abort a pregnancy even if the fetus has a disability.

Interestingly enough, Mike Pence was once a Cruz supporter. Chiming in four days before the Indiana primary, where Cruz would lose and subsequently drop out, Governor Pence offered his endorsement to Cruz after coming under scrutiny for his silence before then in regard to the race.

When he made his announcement, however, he cautioned that he wasn’t “against anybody.” A good play run by the man who would then endorse Donald Trump after his 20 point lead over Cruz in the Hoosier State’s primaries.