Yesterday, as expected, French Montana unleashed his buzzed about new single, “No Shopping,” featuring Drake on OVO Sound Radio. The song produced by Murda Beatz and 40, featured Drake taking not-so-subliminal shots at Joe Budden, who very publicly criticized Drake’s Views album, which was released in April.

It became apparent via social media that Drake would respond to Budden on “No Shopping” when a snippet of his verse, which begins with “Pump, pump pump it up,” leaked to the internet. That is, of course, a reference to Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up,” the only bonafide “hit” of Budden’s career. Drake alludes to this fact shortly after his verse begins: “I’m not a one-hit wonder they know all my stuff.” If that’s not a shot, what is?

Budden preempted the release of “No Shopping” with two searing diss records, “Wake” and “Making a Murderer,” and just hours after the release of Monana’s new single last night let loose with another one, which you can listen to below. If you planned on theorizing that the timing of this release was purely coincidental, take a look at the artwork for the song above, then go look at the artwork for Drake’s Views album.

This is getting interesting.