Lauryn Hill is in trouble with the law once again. The famed singer and rapper has been hit with a tax lien of nearly $500,000 from the state of New Jersey.

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On June 30, Hill was served with a lien in which she owes $438,221.31. A tax lien is “the government’s claim against all or some of your assets based on your failure to pay a tax debt on time. They may occur at the state or local level, or at the federal level.”

This is not Hill’s first run in with the law. She served six months in federal prison for tax evasion in 2013. Soon after her release from prison, she was hit with another $900,000 tax lien in 2014 and she’s back at it again in 2016.


Bossip reports the state of New Jersey has another open lien against Lauryn Hill from 2012 for $446,386.60, but they’re unsure if the two liens are related.

Over the years, Hill’s tax evasion and reputation for showing up extremely late to concerts have unfortunately overshadowed her commendable talents as a music professional. Hill isn’t the only celebrity with tax issues; Fat Joe and DMX have both been in the news with financial issues in the same month.