Hip Hop’s own Roxanne Shante is set to have her very own biopic co-produced by Forrest Whitaker. After Nia Long‘s ABC comedy, Uncle Buck, was cancelled earlier this month, she landed a role in Roxanne, Roxanne as Shante’s mother.

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Shante’s biopic, Roxanne, Roxanne follows the journey of the 14-year-old emcee’s life from when she released her response track, “Roxanne’s Revenge” to UTFO‘s single “Roxanne, Roxanne” in 1984. Shante revealed earlier this week in an Instagram and Facebook post that Long will play “Miss Peggy” Roxanne’s mother. The caption read, “When your sister Nia Long is playing your Mama MissPeggy in the 80’s You can only feel so honored and so so blessed.#roxanneroxanne The Movie The Roxanne Shante story#plzbelieveit

Artists such as Nas, Biz Markie and Kurtis Blow will also be portrayed in the film. According to Show Biz, “Nina Yang Bongiovi, Mimi Valdés, and Erica Brady will join Whitaker as co- producers of the film.


The film is currently being produced in Queens, New York and has an intended release date of 2017.



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