This might come as a surprise to many but Michele Roberts is the first female to become head of a major professional sports union in North America.

Roberts grew up in the South Bronx and graduated from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree. She was named the executive director of the NBA in 2014. Billy Hunter, who previously held the position, was replaced after a few changes in office and Roberts swept the vote with 32 out of 36 in her favor for the job.

Roberts was named one of the most influential women in sports by Forbes and was also placed on the ESPNW Impact 25 list. She represents more than 400 NBA players and helps them figure out salaries, contracts and much more.

She sat down with Judy Woodruff recently and spoke on the NBA union and wanting to shift the organization in a different direction, while also speaking on the NBA collective bargaining agreement that will expire in 2017. She stated the game has changed tremendously and there had to be a significant change in office. Roberts is challenging the underpinnings of all the major professional sport leagues and HERSource takes this “Sports” Sunday” to salute her!