Recently, rumors have been circulating about Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert‘s marriage heading toward divorce. Tamar wasted no time letting the world know that her hubby isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

According to, Tamar was caught cheating with a high profile celebrity and Vince found out through a private investigator. This allegedly caused tension in their marriage as Love B Scott reports that the two got into a heated argument that ended in a split.

Sometimes saying less is more. Tamar Braxton took to Snapchat to shut down rumors of a divorce by posting videos of her flirtacious relationship with her longtime husband Vince. She later takes a Snapchat video and posts it to Instagram saying, “After all of these years he STILL hates when I sing in his ear #Tamar&Vince”

Tamar and Vince have been married for eight years this coming November 2016. In June 2013, they gave birth to their first child, Logan Herbert.


After all these years he STILL hates when I sing in his ear? #Tamar&Vince❤️

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